Friday, November 21, 2008

I Do!

I found her, I FOUND MY DRESS!!! I said I fooouuuunnnndddd her!! ohhhh! She's a 'beaut too. I just wanted to wear it all day. I was so happy I was skipping across the bridal salon. I even hugged "her" goodbye one last time, before I left. With only 7 months to go, I finally found the dress. I was beginning to wonder if I ever would but then I struck gold. I ended up buying a dress that I have been coveting for quite some time now, and the second I put it on again, I just knew. I didn't think that feeling would happen for me, but it did. I am proof you should hold-out until you find "the one!"

The day was even more magical than just finding "the one" We just happen to arrive at my fabulous salon in Union Square Alexandra and there was a Prop 8 rally going on! Many people were marching down the middle of Union Square in support of keeping gay-marriage legal here in California. All the people in the salon lined the windows with a view below us of the march and we started cheering and jumping up and down to show our support. We were pointing to the sign that said "Bridal Salon" and to the dresses in the windows. Many people stopped and pointed up at us, so excited to see our support and a few camera crews even took our picture! It was so emotional and a great way to start the day!

oh, did you think I was going to let you leave without catching a glimpse of the dress? Heck no, sista! Here's a sneek peek, with more to come later:

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Heather said...

Tee hee, hadn't checked your blog in a while, but I sure am glad I finally got around to it for a *spoiler alert* on your dress. Gorgeous, Miss Smith, absolutely gorgeous!