Friday, November 28, 2008

Let's Get Punchy!

So, I am working on my STD's with the Tie the Knot theme. I found a few options for hole punches that will cut out small circles in a row so it is easier to thread yarn through. Martha calls this a "Japanese hole-punch." After a quick Google search I found out what that was:

um, looks complicated.

Upon further research I found out Martha created things like this while using it:

she is so fancy pants!

So I found a few other options that seem to be a little more user friendly.

First up, the Fiskars Border Punch "Threading Water" for $14.99

It even makes the cute scalloped design with it! But what if you don't want the scalloped edge on every project? Well, you are in luck, my dear, there is also a second option I found called the McGill Craftivity Ribbon Stitch Punch (whew! a mouthful for sure) it cuts the paper to look like this:

This one you can find for about $8.00. I think both are a great value. The first one got over 70 awesome reviews on one craft website. The second one I didn't find reviews of, but it looks like it might be more versatile. I will have to let you know how it goes.

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