Friday, November 28, 2008


I love this term! I've read it a few times this week, in many of the blogs I scour daily. Today, I found it on Blue Orchid Designs, they are doing this "recessionista give-away" what a great idea!

I think I may be considered one of these lovelies who always is looking for a deal- with or without a recession! And definitely am hoping my wedding will be a Recessionista's dream--pretty but without the price tag. Look at that hottie white dress that would be good for so many things, including a rehearsal dinner or shower, perhaps? :)

I also found an adorable pair of cute blue shoes that I may wear as my "something blue" on I love the trend of colored shoes, and while I never thought I would end up doing it, I love pictures that show the shoes peeking out from under the dress with a little pizazz. yeow!

these are cute, no? And for a grand total of $57 with Free Shipping (heeeyyy party ova here) they sound pretty good to me.

I have been inspired! The search is on!

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