Thursday, July 24, 2008

Won't you be my Bridesmaid?

I have been a busy little bird! I made some cards to ask my best ladies to be in the wedding. If you are an avid Weddingbee reader you might recognize some of the blatant stealing of ideas from Mrs.Lovebug and Mrs. Gummibear I used to make these cards. I prefer to call it "inspiration." I did add a few of my own touches in there , so you see I can be crafty too. :)

I present you my first ever wedding DIY project:

drum-roll please...

my supplies: cute dress stamp from Michael's, paper and envelopes from Paper Source.
( sorry this is sideways)

First, I used my home printer and made each girl a card with a poem that yours truly wrote! It read:
I am almost ready to say "I Do"
and would love nothing more than to ask you...
Will you be my Bridesmaid? ( or Matron of Honor)
It would mean more than words can express,
and I promise not to make you wear a silly dress!

Next, I stamped and glittered ( not a verb? well it is now!) each card with the cute dress stamp alla Mrs. Lovebug. I chose to just use glitter and not emboss it and I thought they turned out great, and way cheaper to do! I also used envelop tracers from Paper Source to make my bird envelop liners. I used double-sided tape to make them stick.

Then I stamped and made these cute boxes using a damask stamp I bought on Etsy. I filled each box with chocolate candy in my wedding colors and enclosed the card I made. I put a piece of wax paper between the candy and the card.

Lastly, I tied each with a ribbon and attached a label. I made sure to tape the sides shut so the candy wouldn't fly out in the mail and then I put each inside a mailer and off they went! fingers crossed they all say "yes" haha.

I leave you with a picture of Dixie, helping me stay on task! :)

an early bird catches the worm..

...or so they say. We are having a long-ish engagement. 22 months to be exact. I say "long-ish" because in my world, somehow there never seems to be enough time. I was actually relieved that I didn't need to start looking for my vendors asap at the start of planning. Every where I went people would ask excitedly,"When is the wedding?!" and I would politely tell them "summer of '09." And they would look a little surprised and scrunch their faces, since the date on the calendar read September 2007. They would pause for a moment and ponder this, and then decide to reply with (what I can only assume was out of pity so as not to hurt my feelings) the sweetest words I ever heard, "oh, well then, you have plenty of time! Not to worry!" :) I know. I would think feeling all satisfied. Time is with me.

I really liked hearing that, because {shh} I'll let you in on a little secret, I am a procrastinator. a slacker. a do-it-tomorrow kinda gal. In college, I prided myself on being able to write a paper at 4 o'clock in the morning that was due that same day! eek! Oh, listen I am not proud of it now. I don't even like to admit it. In fact, I often refute it and pretend that I'm totally on the case ( whatever the case may be) and not to worry, nope, all is well.

Well... this time IT IS!!! :) I can't believe it! I may be breaking free of my always-behind-schedule-ness. whew!

So, you might be wondering how did I turn this new leaf? Well, I will tell you. It seems all it took for me was to have a little motivation. A kick in the pants, well a dream really. Yes, I had a *gasp* a wedding dream. And it spoke volumes!

Gather 'round children and I will tell you my tale...

There I was. All snuggly in my bed. Me, the fluffa (a.k.a Dixie my cat) and Brent lying in a row. We were like Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear all snuggled together as one. ooh! so cozy!
And then, I started to dream. I began to dream of my wedding day (so far so good) It was the morning of my wedding, and I was sitting outside leisurely sipping a cup of coffee with my nearest and dearest sitting beside me. We were all talking and admiring the view of the ocean (which by the way, I am not getting married near the ocean, but whatever). I was feeling so relaxed and excited for what was to come. Then someone said " I can't wait to try the food tonight. I love eating outside!" Then simultaneously someone else said, "yeah I can't wait to dance all night long." It was at that moment that I realized I had not even set-up the appointment with a caterer and I had definitely let ordering a dance floor slip by me. As I started to mentally catalog ways I could make this work, my mom said " I am excited to see you in your dress!" My dress! How could I forget to buy a wedding DRESS! This was insane, I started to review what I had done and n-o-t-h-i-n-g came to mind! Sh*%$!! Double sh*&^!! Panic set in, but I thought that ok, I can do this, there must be people I can call, and then I realized ... I was supposed to have pre-ceremony pictures taken in one hour, of course without a photographer, because I hadn't finished deciding who I wanted. All I had planned was the venue! How was I going to plan a whole wedding in one hour? Then.... I woke up.

So that my friends is the true story of how I snapped out of being a procrastinator and turned into an early bird, or at least I hope so.

Friday, July 11, 2008

In case you haven't noticed...

I LOVE BIRDS! Right now for weddings, this is especially trendy. But I don't care, I am jumping on that lovebird train! Woo Woo! (er.. chirp chirp) I mean, look how ridiculously cute these are:

Ann Wood Homemade

( a camp-out?! um...there are no words for this type of cuteness!)

Here is a cake-topper from the fabulous Ann Wood:

Look at that sassy couple! Meow!

This one is by Etsy shop Rainsend:

I am definitely making one of these cute lovebirds my caketopper!

Working out is for the birds...

Do you like to work out? Do you want to help a lazy bride kick it into high gear? Then boy do I have the job for you!

All interested parties should apply here. seriously.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ahh... the blog world

It's so cozy isn't it? I just love it! It's like sinking into a really comfy couch,wearing your pajamas, and drinking hot cocoa! Or you're sitting by a fire...and ooh! it's raining outside! I mean just look at how cozy Dixie is in this picture!

Yes, it's so many cozy things and I just can't get ENOUGH of it! It is hands-down my new favorite past-time. Some people bike ride, others take pictures, and I blog. I absolutely ADORE Weddingbee and I dream of making inspiration boards pretty enough for StyleMePretty! I often wander over to a new blog like: SnippetandInk and realize there are like 300 I don't even know about yet! It's like I strike gold each time. More finds, more deals, and more DETAILS!

The funny thing is I would not know that much about the blog world if it wasn't for this wedding. I accidentally stumbled across my o.g. blog Weddingbee and the rest is history. Not only do I surf the internet for the newest finds but I don't even watch as much reality t.v. anymore!! ( A true feat!) And I am completely off celebrity gossip! Which, by the way, was the only type of blog I read pre-engagement. I know it sounds nuts, and quite frankly, it is, but I feel like Wedding Blogs are my dealers, and I can't quite shake the habit! Anyone care to join me for a little vein tappin'? See you on the street you rough riders!

post script: My most favorite movie of all time, Steel Magnolias, just started! Eeeh! The coziness continues...