Thursday, July 24, 2008

an early bird catches the worm..

...or so they say. We are having a long-ish engagement. 22 months to be exact. I say "long-ish" because in my world, somehow there never seems to be enough time. I was actually relieved that I didn't need to start looking for my vendors asap at the start of planning. Every where I went people would ask excitedly,"When is the wedding?!" and I would politely tell them "summer of '09." And they would look a little surprised and scrunch their faces, since the date on the calendar read September 2007. They would pause for a moment and ponder this, and then decide to reply with (what I can only assume was out of pity so as not to hurt my feelings) the sweetest words I ever heard, "oh, well then, you have plenty of time! Not to worry!" :) I know. I would think feeling all satisfied. Time is with me.

I really liked hearing that, because {shh} I'll let you in on a little secret, I am a procrastinator. a slacker. a do-it-tomorrow kinda gal. In college, I prided myself on being able to write a paper at 4 o'clock in the morning that was due that same day! eek! Oh, listen I am not proud of it now. I don't even like to admit it. In fact, I often refute it and pretend that I'm totally on the case ( whatever the case may be) and not to worry, nope, all is well.

Well... this time IT IS!!! :) I can't believe it! I may be breaking free of my always-behind-schedule-ness. whew!

So, you might be wondering how did I turn this new leaf? Well, I will tell you. It seems all it took for me was to have a little motivation. A kick in the pants, well a dream really. Yes, I had a *gasp* a wedding dream. And it spoke volumes!

Gather 'round children and I will tell you my tale...

There I was. All snuggly in my bed. Me, the fluffa (a.k.a Dixie my cat) and Brent lying in a row. We were like Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear all snuggled together as one. ooh! so cozy!
And then, I started to dream. I began to dream of my wedding day (so far so good) It was the morning of my wedding, and I was sitting outside leisurely sipping a cup of coffee with my nearest and dearest sitting beside me. We were all talking and admiring the view of the ocean (which by the way, I am not getting married near the ocean, but whatever). I was feeling so relaxed and excited for what was to come. Then someone said " I can't wait to try the food tonight. I love eating outside!" Then simultaneously someone else said, "yeah I can't wait to dance all night long." It was at that moment that I realized I had not even set-up the appointment with a caterer and I had definitely let ordering a dance floor slip by me. As I started to mentally catalog ways I could make this work, my mom said " I am excited to see you in your dress!" My dress! How could I forget to buy a wedding DRESS! This was insane, I started to review what I had done and n-o-t-h-i-n-g came to mind! Sh*%$!! Double sh*&^!! Panic set in, but I thought that ok, I can do this, there must be people I can call, and then I realized ... I was supposed to have pre-ceremony pictures taken in one hour, of course without a photographer, because I hadn't finished deciding who I wanted. All I had planned was the venue! How was I going to plan a whole wedding in one hour? Then.... I woke up.

So that my friends is the true story of how I snapped out of being a procrastinator and turned into an early bird, or at least I hope so.

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