Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let's have a Feast!

I am so freakin' excited about our caterer!! "They are pretty much my favorite caterer right now..." as Napoleon Dynamite would say. When we went for our tasting I was blown away at the presentation and service and then the food was so incredibly good! It was better than many restaurants I have been to. Awesome! Check out their website:

It's On! Save the Date!

Well, in true bride fashion, I ended up changing my mind again about the save the dates and went with the adorable maps created by Laura Hooper. I have basically been blog-stalking her work for a good year or so now and really wanted to incorporate the maps somehow. I originally planned to send them as our save the dates, but then thought, I would try to have a go at being crafty myself and save a little money and make them myself. It turns out, I am clearly not a graphic designer! ha!

I was still stuck on Laura's work, so I finally emailed her in the 11th hour ,as they say, and asked her if she could make my maps in only a couple of weeks. She was so incredibly sweet and easy to work with and so on top of returning emails it was scary! She is clearly a hard-worker. When my STD's finally arrived they were wrapped up in little packages, with the cutest wrapping paper. It was truly like opening the best gift! We even asked her to create a larger version of our map to hang on our wall as keepsake. It all turned out so well! Thank you Laura! You just made me the happiest girl!