Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ahh... the blog world

It's so cozy isn't it? I just love it! It's like sinking into a really comfy couch,wearing your pajamas, and drinking hot cocoa! Or you're sitting by a fire...and ooh! it's raining outside! I mean just look at how cozy Dixie is in this picture!

Yes, it's so many cozy things and I just can't get ENOUGH of it! It is hands-down my new favorite past-time. Some people bike ride, others take pictures, and I blog. I absolutely ADORE Weddingbee and I dream of making inspiration boards pretty enough for StyleMePretty! I often wander over to a new blog like: SnippetandInk and realize there are like 300 I don't even know about yet! It's like I strike gold each time. More finds, more deals, and more DETAILS!

The funny thing is I would not know that much about the blog world if it wasn't for this wedding. I accidentally stumbled across my o.g. blog Weddingbee and the rest is history. Not only do I surf the internet for the newest finds but I don't even watch as much reality t.v. anymore!! ( A true feat!) And I am completely off celebrity gossip! Which, by the way, was the only type of blog I read pre-engagement. I know it sounds nuts, and quite frankly, it is, but I feel like Wedding Blogs are my dealers, and I can't quite shake the habit! Anyone care to join me for a little vein tappin'? See you on the street you rough riders!

post script: My most favorite movie of all time, Steel Magnolias, just started! Eeeh! The coziness continues...

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