Saturday, August 30, 2008

Personal Paparazzi

Done and done. *high five* WE DID IT!! We hired our wedding photographer today! Ah.. our first vendor. And she is A-mazing! Check out the one and only Dorothy Hatchel here!! Now I have my own personal paparazzi! How fun is that? Not only is Dorothy Hatchel super talented, she really listens to her clients! When we asked if it was possible to take a group shot of everyone invited to the wedding like this:

She said, "Sure! I'll bring my ladder!" When I mentioned that I loved her black and white shots and am into vintage-y looks she said, "why don't you send me ideas of photos you really like so I can see your style." When I told her that my dream was to take engagement pictures by the cherry blossoms in Golden Gate Park, she immediately pulled up pictures from a shoot she already did in that same area! I kept thinking "Dorothy, you're really speaking my language!" And so, we hired her, on the spot. Fun!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Dress shopping-- a hobby?

I'm searching high and low for my dress, and it seems it is harder than I thought to find "the one." I tried on what seemed like at least 25 dresses today and have already tried on at least another 40 during several other trips. While it started out as such a fun pastime, with all the champagne and oohs and ahhs from my mom and lovely bridesmaids, I know it is not a hobby I can keep up. I can't believe I am thinking this, but--( I have to say this is a whisper) I am starting not to have fun trying on the beautiful dresses!! eek! How could it be?

Well,I have already found her. It's true, she was a beaut' too. Then why in God's name would I leave her just hanging there? On a cold hanger all alone in the dark!? Well, for good reason. "She" was more than $5,000 dollars. hmphf!

What is a girl to do on a budget?!

I am perusing the Internet that's what. I am looking at places like in hopes of finding a deal. This scares me, and I feel like it is buying a used car, you never know what maintenance someone has or has not done in order to keep it shiny and new and in perfect working order.

I am also considering having my dress made, since I know what "she" looks like. Has anyone else considered having their dresses made?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm madly in love with a FINK!!

A what? a fink. that's right people that's what my fiance and I call each other. Lovingly, of course. I started calling him a rat-fink as a joke when he would do something like eat all of the ice-cream or tell an embarassing story about me. But then it kind of stuck. And then he started calling me a fink! Lovingly, of course. :)

The name fink has evolved over the years to finkle, finkleheimer, and most recently finkle-lou. But the fun doesn't stop there. Oh no. He also calls me sarducci, stinkerton, greaseball, le-stink, and the ever popular snaggle-toes.

I know it's odd, but we can't be the only crazy couple who calls each other odd names, right? right?

p.s. I just recently found a song on itunes called Rat Fink by: Allan Sherman that I may play for him at the wedding. late night, of course, when people are tipsy enough to appreciate it. ;)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Some of our smallest guests...

Both Stories Written By: Laura Godwin

...will have some of the biggest roles in our wedding. I am excited to say that our flower girl and ring bearer are the children of my two Matrons of Honor! How lucky to have some of my best friend's children in the wedding! I am very excited to include them and can't wait to see them looking adorable on the big day.

The flower girl and ring bearer will both be 2 and a half at the time of the wedding. However, the ring bearer is becoming an old pro at this gig, and was already a ring bearer when he was just a baby! I am guessing he does not remember his first debut as one of the most dapper men at the wedding, so I have been thinking about a way to introduce this idea to both of them. I found the cutest books on Amazon to help introduce what it will be like to be in a wedding. I am hoping these books will get the kids excited about their role and make it something they are looking forward to.