Sunday, August 3, 2008

Some of our smallest guests...

Both Stories Written By: Laura Godwin

...will have some of the biggest roles in our wedding. I am excited to say that our flower girl and ring bearer are the children of my two Matrons of Honor! How lucky to have some of my best friend's children in the wedding! I am very excited to include them and can't wait to see them looking adorable on the big day.

The flower girl and ring bearer will both be 2 and a half at the time of the wedding. However, the ring bearer is becoming an old pro at this gig, and was already a ring bearer when he was just a baby! I am guessing he does not remember his first debut as one of the most dapper men at the wedding, so I have been thinking about a way to introduce this idea to both of them. I found the cutest books on Amazon to help introduce what it will be like to be in a wedding. I am hoping these books will get the kids excited about their role and make it something they are looking forward to.


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