Saturday, August 30, 2008

Personal Paparazzi

Done and done. *high five* WE DID IT!! We hired our wedding photographer today! Ah.. our first vendor. And she is A-mazing! Check out the one and only Dorothy Hatchel here!! Now I have my own personal paparazzi! How fun is that? Not only is Dorothy Hatchel super talented, she really listens to her clients! When we asked if it was possible to take a group shot of everyone invited to the wedding like this:

She said, "Sure! I'll bring my ladder!" When I mentioned that I loved her black and white shots and am into vintage-y looks she said, "why don't you send me ideas of photos you really like so I can see your style." When I told her that my dream was to take engagement pictures by the cherry blossoms in Golden Gate Park, she immediately pulled up pictures from a shoot she already did in that same area! I kept thinking "Dorothy, you're really speaking my language!" And so, we hired her, on the spot. Fun!

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