Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm madly in love with a FINK!!

A what? a fink. that's right people that's what my fiance and I call each other. Lovingly, of course. I started calling him a rat-fink as a joke when he would do something like eat all of the ice-cream or tell an embarassing story about me. But then it kind of stuck. And then he started calling me a fink! Lovingly, of course. :)

The name fink has evolved over the years to finkle, finkleheimer, and most recently finkle-lou. But the fun doesn't stop there. Oh no. He also calls me sarducci, stinkerton, greaseball, le-stink, and the ever popular snaggle-toes.

I know it's odd, but we can't be the only crazy couple who calls each other odd names, right? right?

p.s. I just recently found a song on itunes called Rat Fink by: Allan Sherman that I may play for him at the wedding. late night, of course, when people are tipsy enough to appreciate it. ;)

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