Monday, August 11, 2008

Dress shopping-- a hobby?

I'm searching high and low for my dress, and it seems it is harder than I thought to find "the one." I tried on what seemed like at least 25 dresses today and have already tried on at least another 40 during several other trips. While it started out as such a fun pastime, with all the champagne and oohs and ahhs from my mom and lovely bridesmaids, I know it is not a hobby I can keep up. I can't believe I am thinking this, but--( I have to say this is a whisper) I am starting not to have fun trying on the beautiful dresses!! eek! How could it be?

Well,I have already found her. It's true, she was a beaut' too. Then why in God's name would I leave her just hanging there? On a cold hanger all alone in the dark!? Well, for good reason. "She" was more than $5,000 dollars. hmphf!

What is a girl to do on a budget?!

I am perusing the Internet that's what. I am looking at places like in hopes of finding a deal. This scares me, and I feel like it is buying a used car, you never know what maintenance someone has or has not done in order to keep it shiny and new and in perfect working order.

I am also considering having my dress made, since I know what "she" looks like. Has anyone else considered having their dresses made?


Diane said...

Hey inspired me to make my own blog. After years of late nights reading articles online, saving pictures of my favorite things, and lately my extensive use of Wikepedia, I have decided to get one of these 'web logs' = blog (yes Wikepedia taught me that is where the word blog came from. Sorry you are having a hard time finding your dress, or at least your dress' look alike. Seems that with your slim shape you would be perfect for anything available. I was fortunate enough to be the perfect size for the dresses at David's Bridal. I just tried on about 8 and believe I bought the 3rd one, but you don't want to hear about that right now. I wish you luck in your planning endeavors, and in 10 months it will be a wonderful memory.

LeFleuff said...

Diane that is so sweet!! I wish you the best of luck in your planning too! :)

ps I have a dress appointment tomorrow so cross your fingers :) ha!

Diane said...
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Diane said...

What planning are you wishing me luck on, the blog? :) I'm confused.

I hope you found some beautiful dresses on the 31st.

LeFleuff said...

Diane! I didn't know it was you at first!! I thought it was another bride-to-be! How funny! I just stopped by your blog. :)