Friday, October 3, 2008

Wunning Winos

My friends and I entered ourselves into a 5k that took place just last weekend! (My very first athletic anything!) I had blogged before about needing a little help to get my lazy butt in gear, and when I heard that the 5K was going to take place in Napa AND there would be wine involved after to celebrate, I quickly decided to sign up. For a month or so prior, I "trained" for this event. This involved me panting like a fool, and breaking into a sweat after only a few blocks. It was pretty apparent that running even 3 miles without stopping, was not in the cards for this lady. So I began walking some and running some until I built up a better stamina. One of my friends even coined the term "wunning"= running + walking for our so-called method for not passing out. As the 5K approached, we decided that we needed shirts to commemorate what was soon to be an unforgettable weekend and my pal came up with the genius name for our group called the "Wunning Winos."

That's when I volunteered the gocco and all its wonderfulness to help make the shirts. I found an adorable design in my clipart on my computer of a running grape! It was so perfect for a race called The Napa Stomp! I copied the graphic in word and added the text below, using the ever-popular font from called "albermale swash" ( or swash buckler as I like to call it). This seriously took me all of 5 minutes. My faith in the Gocco and my ability to actually created something ( no matter how small) was quickly renewed. Some of you may recall that I did burn my Gocco in an attempt to make use of my crafty gadget for this very project. I was showing off said Gocco and forgot to insert a screen! I burned the wunning wino right onto the plastic covering. yikes! This was before we made the shirts, and so I figured I might as well try to still make them, and you know what? It turned out! I have yet to try it for other stuff, so hopefully it won't interfere with any future designs. Anyway here is the final product:

and here is a picture of all the ladies sporting it!

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