Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Our "engagement-a-versary" was Sept.8th. We were engaged exactly 6 years to the day I moved to San Francisco back in 2001, which is where I met Brent. We decided to make a trip to the cute town of Bodega Bay where it all went down. We packed a little picnic and found a spot by the water to BBQ oysters (on our camping stove!) like we did last year. yum!

Here are some pictures from our actual engagement weekend:

Believe it or not, that camping stove can really cook up some mean oysters!

Let's just say prior to eating oysters on the water, our engagement did not go as smoothly as some (and by some, I mean he) might have liked. :( There might be a part in the story where I fell asleep when we first arrived at our little cottage, and he ended up drinking beers alone in the hot tub, or others might recall the part where I asked him if the ring was real or not ( I really did!) but those little tidbits don't taint my memory of one of the best days ever, it just makes it more funny!

Here's how it all went down:

He told me that his parents were having some last minute "Kiwis" (his mom is from New Zealand) come into town and they weren't able to use a cottage they had booked in the very cute town of Bodega Bay after all. So I happily jumped at the chance for us to have a get-a-way. We drove a few hours from the city after work on a Friday. I was sooooo tired when we finally got there and immediately curled up on the bed. He had lit a fire, but I was so cozy I didn't make it past the first crackle in the logs. He apparently was going to ask me as soon as we got there, but his plans were thwarted by a warm and cozy bed! He sat alone in the hot tub drinking beers to calm him nerves! The next morning I barely had my eyes open and he coaxed me to the couch in the house and shoved a mug of hot chocolate in my hand ( it was business time) and then proceeded to sit about 5 feet away from me on the couch. I thought this was a bit odd, but I really had just woken up so I barely noticed when he not-so-gracefully dragged his duffel bag closer to the couch where we were sitting and started fumbling around with one arm all the while trying to act like it wasn't happening. I still was not even a little bit phased and sipped my hot chocolate happily. Then he proudly announced "Well Miss Smith, the time has come..." ( the time has come?! Hahaha) and got down on one knee and at this moment I started going into shock. I really think it was shock, as I could barely speak, except of course, when I asked if the ring was real and if he was being serious or not, and then I replied, with what I am sure is not the answer he was hoping for and said, "yeah..." That was it. yeah. It was all I could muster. I was elated and beyond thrilled, but definitely in shock. good job Fink, you surprised me after 5 1/2 years!

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